Thursday 30/12/04

Time for another amble on the moors. Weather quite reasonable - it's dry! Set off along the road towards Habost, from where I headed south along Abhainn Ealaidh to the loch. Some of the stones had been washed off the weir. Proceeded across the fence and further south under the hill at the southern end of the loch. Once past the watershed gained sight of the next loch, Loch na h-Inghinn. Made short shrift of that, and headed up to higher ground at its southern extremity. Had a slightly obstructed view west towards Loch Sgiobacleit, but a nice prospect of Gravir, 2 miles to the east. After lunch, at 1.15, I came across Loch Tobhtaichean Amlaidh. A look at the map showed me that it was just under 4 km to Kershader across the moors; the road route via Gravir is 10 km. Headed northeast along the southern bank of Loch T.A. towards Loch nan Eilean. The jaunt along the shores of the latter loch was convoluted and punctuated by sharp ups and downs. These occasionally necessitated detours to avoid steep drops. Just after 2pm, I finally gained the hill at the loch's northern end. Decided on a slightly different return to Kershader, via the waterbutt. Take a bearing on the square block on the hilltop and keep ploughing through the bog. You will get there. Then keep to the left, and there is a track straight to the hostel.

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