Festive period 24/12/04 to 05/01/05

Happy New Year and hope everybody had a nice Christmas.

I've not been very busy at all over the festive period, in between running up and down to Stornoway for supplies every other day or so, and not going out because of inclement weather. On Christmas Day, it was very cold with wintery showers. Now, I don't mind the cold, but with a strong wind, that's asking for hypothermia. On average, the weather comes in three day cycles:

- gales, with rain and relatively mild temperatures (10-13C)

- showers, wintery and low temperatures (3-8C)

- quiet days with moderate temperatures (7-9C)

The wintery showers consist mainly of hail, which can be painful if driven along by wind.

Walks consisted of the odd hike across the moors south of my current base, Kershader. I'll give further details once the computer in Stornoway library is back on-line. This comes from the library in Tarbert, Harris, 40 miles south of Stornoway.

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